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New York City immigration law attorneys help clients with applications for temporary and permanent visas, deportation / removal proceedings, work permits, and other USCIS matters. How do you choose an immigration lawyer from the thousands in NYC, Westchester, White Plains, Nassau County, Suffolk County, or Long Island?

Legal Connection is a private and easy way to contact a New York immigration lawyer.

Our New York immigration visa attorneys help clients both within and outside of the United States. Fill out the Legal Connection form and we will send your information to immigration attorneys who have the experience to handle your visa application, removal hearing, or appeal. You will hear back shortly from immigration lawyers who practice in your area. You then can contact the specific lawyer or lawyers you want to speak with.

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A permanent visa (green card) allows the visa-holder to live and work in the United States as a legal permanent resident. Family-based visas, spousal visas, fiancée visas, asylum and refugee status, and certain classes of employment-based immigration visas give the holder this privilege.

Permission to enter and to remain in the U.S. takes a number of forms. Non-immigrant visas, including student visas, tourist visas, and work visas are designed for those who do not intend to establish permanent residency.

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Immigration attorneys from Legal Connection help clients throughout the NYC area with immigration visa applications, deportation or removal proceedings, applications for refugee status, and other matters.

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  • Naturalization and Citizenship
  • Immigration Appeals

Do not risk having your visa application denied because of errors or omissions — get legal advice before filing. A well-qualified immigration lawyer will make the difficult process of dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as easy as possible for you and your family. LegalConnection will help you find the right attorney for your needs.

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