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Do you need a real estate lawyer to protect your interests during a residential or commercial property transaction? How will you choose an attorney from the thousands in New York City? Whether you are buying or selling a house in Queens, are considering a commercial lease for your Manhattan business, or are about to invest in a real estate development in White Plains our New York real estate attorneys are prepared to provide the legal services you are looking for.

Legal Connection: a simple and confidential way to find the right New York real estate attorney

When you fill out a Legal Connection form describing your situation, your concerns, and geographic information we forward it to several New York real estate lawyers. Within a short time you will be contacted by attorneys who have the experience you need and practice in your area. It is a simple and straightforward way to begin the critical process of selecting an attorney to protect you during your real estate transaction or represent you during resolution of your dispute.

New York real estate law

Attorneys at Legal Connection will only contact you if they have the experience necessary to handle your matter. Where is the real property you are interested in? Our lawyers serve communities throughout the NYC area, representing buyers, sellers, brokers, developers, contractors, financial institutions, landlords, renters, and others involved in real estate sales and leasing in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, White Plains, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Long Island.

Our NYC residential and commercial real estate lawyers help clients with matters including:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating residential and commercial real estate purchase and sale contracts
  • drafting, reviewing, and negotiating residential and commercial lease agreements
  • resolving commercial and residential real estate disputes through mediation, arbitration, and litigation
  • handling title issues, including liens, mortgages, back taxes, and judgments against the property

Protect your investment contact Legal Connection today

Our real estate lawyers have the experience, the knowledge of New York real estate law, and the commitment necessary to provide effective legal counsel and protect your investment. Fill out our form today.

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